Ara Güler ist tot


Eben habe ich im Netz irgendwo gelesen, dass der große türkische Magnum-Fotograph Ara Güler bereits letztes Jahr verstorben ist. Er wurde 90 Jahre alt. Kein anderer hat das alte Istanbul so einfühlsam wiedergegeben wie er in seinen Schwarz-Weißaufnahnen. Nachfolgend auf der Magnum-Seite ein Nachruf von Emin Özmen.


Generations of Turkish photographers grew up looking at his nostalgic and dreamy Istanbul photos. His passion and commitment were boundless and inspired us all. The city has gradually lost its charm, but its pictures will always be there to remind us the good old days. He dedicated his life and his energy to photographing life itself and for this reason he is an example for many photographers. He had such a strong character, he was full of energy and funny. Even if his health had worsened in recent months, he was always happy to welcome others and share good memories with friends in his famous Ara Kafé, near the no less well-known Istiklal Avenue. We will miss him.

Emin Özmen

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